What matters most to you

Imagine your event organized by a DMC that knows what’s the most important for you.

Animal Health, Nutrition and Production are too specific for a common DMC

We like field more than office!

When you need an event organized, but you have other priorities and work to focus on too. When you know how much energy and time you’ll have to invest in organizing an animal health event. You need and want to delegate it to a DMC or MICE company.

That’s what WE are here for, to take the workload off your shoulders and get your time back.

Now, you are thinking: “another company organizing events”.

Yes, but we’ve been around vets and farmers for over 15 years. We like field more than office!

We know what animal health is about, and what needs to be done to make your message clear, your brand visible, and your customer relations stronger.

So celebrate with us your 4-legged, tail-wiggling, oinking, mooing, barking patients! 

* subject to overall event budget and needs

For the past 20 years we’ve been working only with reliable service providers, and always guarantee maximum levels of security and confidentiality. 

We know how much our clients appreciate our flexibility too, so our motto is:

Absolutely, let’s do it.

We are proud of our knowledge of the sector, our acquaintances with the experts, we do events specifically adapted to the needs of animal health and production professionals. Our commission rate is 7%


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Every little detail counts



Your communication in our hands becomes specific, personalized, and will always stay elegant.



From a spot to a mapping projection, you name it!

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We are a destination management company, specializing in services to health industry, both human and animal. Born in Barcelona, specialized in Spain, we work all over Europe. Contact us for portfolio and a visit! We’ll go anywhere!

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